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If employee benefits compliance doesn't sound fun to you, then you haven't listened to ERISA is a friend of minea podcast hosted by the Compliance Services professionals from Lockton. Join hosts Edward Fensholt, J.D., director of Compliance Services, and Scott Behrens, J.D., director of Government Relations, to learn the intricacies of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and other employee benefits laws, one hilarious topic at a time. 


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Mar 30, 2020

In a time when we are all trying to figure out how to best care for ourselves and our families, how concerned should employers be with playing by the rules governing their benefits plans? When is it appropriate to take liberties? What are the risks? Will anyone care?

This special shelter-in-place episode of ERISA is a friend of mine addresses the challenges plan sponsors are grappling with right now:

  • What needs to be done – if anything – to continuing benefits coverage for furloughed employees?
  • How does furlough status impact affordability under the ACA, and risk the ACA’s “nuclear penalty”?
  • What are the notice and employee premium refund issues related to the suspension of a medical plan?
  • How flexible can employers be in allowing employees to make benefit changes?
  • Just how many buildings has Scott been removed from, in addition to the US Capitol building?
  • What does the new stimulus bill include that will impact employers and their retirement and medical plans?
  • When grappling with benefits plan rules, is it better now to ask for permission or ask for forgiveness?