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If employee benefits compliance doesn't sound fun to you, then you haven't listened to ERISA is a friend of minea podcast hosted by the Compliance Services professionals from Lockton. Join hosts Edward Fensholt, J.D., director of Compliance Services, and Scott Behrens, J.D., director of Government Relations, to learn the intricacies of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and other employee benefits laws, one hilarious topic at a time. 


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Jan 21, 2020

We’ve come a long way from the days of itinerant purveyors of elixirs like “Dr. Good’s Cough Syrup and Hair Loss Tonic,” riddled with ingredients like mercury and opium. But how much more discerning are we today?

In the first episode of the new decade (and new season), Ed and Scott discuss the latest medical miracle cure: stem cell therapy. The guys are joined by Dr. Shealynn Buck, Chief Medical Officer of Lockton Dunning Benefits, and Karen Amato, RN, Clinical Consultant in Lockton’s Northeast Series, and answer the key questions:

  • What are stem cells and what do they do? Are they like the magic seeds Scott just sold to Ed?
  • Who are stem cell purveyors marketing to, and what aren't they telling the buyer?
  • Are stem cell treatments FDA approved? Can they be dangerous?
  • How did stem cell treatments fare in the Mayo Clinic placebo test?
  • Are stem cell treatments a cost-saving option for musculoskeletal conditions?
  • What ERISA issues does medical plan coverage of stem cell therapies create?