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A former podcast from Lockton’s ERISA Compliance Consulting team 

You’ve reached the home of ERISA is a Friend of Mine, an informal and informational podcast series that Lockton’s ERISA Compliance Consulting team produced from 2019 to 2022. Scroll down to view and listen to any of the podcast episodes. NOTE: These podcasts have not been updated since their publication dates.

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Sep 30, 2019

If you’re listening to this podcast you might be a medical plan fiduciary … and there are a few things you need to know. Medical plan fiduciaries face a small, but significant, risk of litigation related to their plan’s administration, and related to what the fiduciaries should be doing but often aren’t.

In this episode, we clarify who is a fiduciary and why your medical plan might need some regularly scheduled maintenance! Ethan McWilliams, who used to carry a badge at the DOL, joins Ed and Scott to talk about the role of a fiduciary, why it’s important for them to do a little medical plan “preventive maintenance,” and how a new service from Lockton, the Lockton Fiduciary Shield, can help.

  • Are we saying goodbye to the “Cat Man?”
  • Where are the most common fiduciary danger zones?
  • Whoa, whoa…you’re saying fiduciaries are supposed to KNOW SOMETHING about how their plan operates? (Ed is concerned.)
  • Why are good notes so critical to the fiduciary decision-making process?
  • As a fiduciary, would you find a medical plan “owner’s manual” helpful?
  • What do Scott and Stranger Things have in common? (Hint: nothing and everything!)