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A former podcast from Lockton’s ERISA Compliance Consulting team 

You’ve reached the home of ERISA is a Friend of Mine, an informal and informational podcast series that Lockton’s ERISA Compliance Consulting team produced from 2019 to 2022. Scroll down to view and listen to any of the podcast episodes. NOTE: These podcasts have not been updated since their publication dates.

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Aug 5, 2019

Prescription drug costs are a key concern for many plan sponsors, so much so that some are looking across the border to ease the financial burden. Ed and Scott welcome Lisa Carlson back to the podcast to discuss the legalities of bringing in drugs from another country...prescription drugs that is.

  • Why would an employer consider offering imported prescription drugs?
  • Are imported drugs really cheaper than what we have available in the US?
  • Are imported drugs made in the jungle?
  • How does one acquire these imported prescription drugs? (Ed’s eager to know.)
  • Are there any clinical concerns with imported prescription drugs? Legal concerns?
  • Is Lisa going to break Ed’s capitalist heart with this one? (Yes.)